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Dear Dr. Salinger & Staff,

I cannot thank you enough for my new vision after my LASIK procedure. Over the past year, I began having trouble reading up close. I did not want to have the inconvenience of wearing glasses or contacts. I decided to have
LASIK after my wife’s excellent results at your office last year. My results were nothing short of amazing. One day after my procedure, I was seeing better than 20/20 vision. I cannot believe how such a simple, painless procedure could affect my life so dramatically. Please extend my gratitude to your kind and knowledgeable staff as well.


Words cannot describe the happiness my Lasik surgery has brought me.  Every day brings more enjoyment without glasses or contacts.

My experience along with my husband’s was the most professional and comfortable at the same time.  We truly appreciated all your efforts for complete safety at all times.

All of you work so well together to create a relaxing environment.  My best compliment is recommending you to anyone that will listen.  I feel performed a “miracle” for me and my husband.  Thank you so very much.

Dr. Salinger & Staff

Just wanted to show my appreciation for the outstanding professional expertise, genuine compassion, good humor, and sincere concern you and your staff have shown me during my visits which fortunately has led to a very successful LASIK surgery.  Seeing (and writing) for the first time is such a pleasure and a wonderful gift you have given me!!

Thank you,

Dr. Salinger

Thank you so much for all that you and your wonderful staff have done.  I sam so excited to have 20/15 vision!  I never would have never expected that I would get such amazing results.  You are a great person and wonderful/great surgeon.  Thank you for making this possible.  Thank you for your generosity!

Dearest Dr. Salinger & Staff

We  truly Thank you for all of your kindness, gentle ways and professionalism before, during, and after the LASIK procedure.  As you know the Rand Eye Institute is in our back yard and we chose to come to you instead.  We are so grateful that we did.

Thank you ever so much from the bottom of our hearts,

Dearest Doctor & Fabulous Staff

It is not Just Anyone’s hands I would put my twin sisters eyes into.  Thank you for giving her the dream she always had and so professionally and carefully.  I can be very picky when it comes to “one of my own” but especially my twin.

Love you all,
Good Bless Your Talents!

Dr Salinger,

 Thank you for giving me my eyesight!  I know have a new and wonderful “lease on life.”  Each of you made it happen. My experience with you has been most enjoyable (and painless).  Your knowledge, professionalism, and caring attitude are appreciated.  I wish you continued success.

Again Many Thanks!

To all the V.I.P. Staff and Dr. Salinger too!

Thank You for making my surgery so easy.  All of your kindness, support, and caring comfort were greatly appreciated!!

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Salinger

Just a quick note of thanks to you and your great staff for the superb & professional attention that I received while at the Laser Eye Center.

In all my years in seeing Dr’s of all types, I have never met one who is consistently as professional, sincere, and kinds as you are.  The time that you take with each patient to explain everything and to be sure that we are confident and comfortable with our decisions is indeed a rare find in the medical field!

I cannot praise ALL of you enough for the wonderful feeling I got from my experience with you.  I tell everyone about V.I.P.!

Great Job & Many Thanks!

Dear Dr. Salinger,

May I, once again say how fortunate I am in having you as my corneal transplant physician.

Since I have so many problems with my right eye I had to see Dr. Matthew Kay.  During his examination he said “only one doctor can do such a beautiful clear transplant” I said, whom may that be and he answered “Dr. Cliff” and I said “Salinger?”  We were both on the same wave length.

Do you realize how proud I was to be a patient of yours?  Whenever any doctor examines my eyes I am told what a terrific job the doctor did on the transplant.  By the way, the transplant is four (4) years old.

Thanks again for your concern and compassion in keeping my corneal a topic of conversation.


Dear Dr. Salinger & Office Staff

Thank you so much for all of your care, competence and professionalism.  It’s a little scary to allow work done on your eyes and each person in this office made me feel comfortable and valued.

I would not hesitate to refer family or friends to your office.

Dr. Salinger, I am so grateful for the vision you have afforded me. I’d worn glasses or contacts since a young child and words can’t convey the wonderful freedom this surgery has given.

Thank you for your patience in extending the time frame for further surgery.  Thankfully the hold in the retina of my left eye seems to be healing and I’ve decided to leave it as is.


Dear Dr. Salinger

I am typing this note to you to simply say “Thank You”.  Words of gratitude cannot express how I feel at this moment towards you and your staff for taking the time out of your schedule to examine me after hearing the ordeal that I have been experiencing for eight months with my eye problem.  Who would have every thought that by bringing my friend, Ann, for her visit would turn out to be the happiest day for me.  Finally, having you examine me and diagnosing the problem and now having it corrected immediately is still a dream to me.  I am hoping soon that this will all be behind me and it is all because of you Dr. Salinger.

As someone once told me, “There are doctors…and then there are doctors.”  Your kindness towards a patient who did not have an appointment showed me that you truly care for the health of any patient that walks into your office.  Your staff also was so kind to me and I would like to take this time to thank them personally.

Dr. Salinger, thank you again for your dedication and kindness.  You seemed to be the angel on my shoulder that was watching over me.

Thank you very much.


Dr. Dr. Salinger:

Just returned home after visiting with you in your office.  I really would be remiss if I were not to tell you how impressed I was with your thorough professional and honest consultation and advice.

I thank you and your staff for the prompt and friendly attention I received.  I really felt cared for.  How very Nice!


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